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Monster House Proposed for South Muldrew Lake

June 14, 2019 6:48 PM | Anonymous member

A 7150 sq. ft., 7 bedroom, 8 bathroom house with a 3-car garage may soon loom over S. Muldrew Lake.


The Litterst application to build on Hardcastle point in S. Muldrew Lake is coming back to Gravenhurst Town Council for reconsideration on Tuesday, June 25 at 5 PM. In our opinion, this project is excessively large for the site in particular and for our lake in general. With the help of MLCA, a group of concerned residents has been fighting this application and won a deferral at a Town Council meeting in April.


The applicants have asked for relief from adhering to prescribed setbacks in building this huge house, which is both too wide and too tall for the narrow peninsula property in question and out of character with the surrounding cottaging community. The applicants also propose to build a separate 3-car garage (with an 8th bedroom and 9th bathroom) that is bigger than the original cottage on the property. The footprint of the proposed dock plus boathouse area is also excessive.


Despite meeting with concerned residents and touring the lake, and despite improved siting, the applicants and their agents have not made sufficient changes to the size of proposed dwelling and garage. The scale of this project has the potential to significantly reduce the ability of surrounding cottagers to enjoy their properties and could set a dangerous precedent allowing overbuilding on our small narrow lake.


We need YOU to:


1) Send a message to one or all Councillors (see below) by phone or email, asking them to reject the Zoning Bylaw Amendments requested in the Litterst application

building project [ZA 09-2019] for #1176-7 Woodland Drive and requiring the proposed project to conform to at least the 20 m historical setbacks, if not the 30 m current setbacks specified in the Gravenhurst Official Plan.


2) Register to speak about your concerns for the Tues June 25, 2019 meeting of Town Council. Call 705-687-2230. Anyone wishing to speak at Planning Council needs to follow the instructions and fill out the form found in the attached link.


3) SHOW UP at the Town Council meeting on Tues June 25, 2019 and lend your support for maintaining the character of our lake. Come the Council Chambers are 3-5 Pineridge Gate, Gravenhurst.


4) Send a message to Town Planning staff expressing your opposition to any shrinking of setbacks. Gravenhurst Town Planner Kris Orsan:


5) Sign a Petition email for a copy.

You can print, fill out, sign, then scan and email it to the Gravenhurst Town Planning Dept, Kris Orsan:, or send it via email to

Monster Cottage Petition.pdf


6) PASS ON this message to anyone you feel can support our position.



John Rattray and many friends




Gravenhurst Town Council Members Info   Jun 2019

Mayor and Town Councillors

Paul Kelly                           Mayor                                 705-687-5605          

Penny Varney                    Ward 1                                705-331-8331          

Jo Morphy                          Ward 2 (Middle, North Lakes)     905-479-8927          

Steven Klinck                     Ward 3  (South Lake)                      705-305-9282          

Terry Pilger                        Ward 4                                               705-644-1195          

Graeme Murray                Ward 5                                               705-205-2479          


District Councillors

Sandy Cairns                      District                 705-330-7273          

John Gordon                      District                 705-687-0649          

Heidi Lorenz                      District                 705-687-2944          




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